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Who we are

Community Cohesion is a registered NPC (Non-Profit Company). Our Head Office is in Hout Bay and we currently operate in Hout Bay, Ocean View, Masiphumele, Fish Hoek, Simonstown and Woodstock. Our guiding principle is: Not for, but with. We do not do anything for our clients; we inform them as to their rights and responsibilities and walk the path with them to claiming those rights, ultimately enabling them to take ownership of their lives.

Our mission is to provide psycho-social support, education and training to nurture actively engaged citizens more able to break the cycles of violence and poverty (intellectual, emotional and physical) prevalent in our society.


Nawaal Luddy, Vice Principal

“The 2 day planning workshop was very different from your average run-of-the-mill workshop as we actively participated in listing the objectives and then planning to achieve them. I really appreciated the complete honesty with which everyone contributed, with you and Clive, keeping us focused (as we have a tendency to stray off the topic!).

Our objective of forming a more transparent, unified structure where everyone felt free to discuss their feelings and concerns was achieved. I was very impressed that we came away with our “Master Plan” for 2015. The workshop reinforced our initiative to transform our school and make radical changes in terms of how things are approached and done.(YEAH!!)

I think that with the constant (and much appreciated support) of Community Cohesion we can only grow from strength to strength. The commitment and dedication shown by your special group makes me feel very confident about overcoming the challenges that lie ahead.

Thank you soo very much!”

Leon Van Ster, SMT, Design Teacher

“The workshop presented on the 15th of January really helped me understand more about what drives the manager of the school.

It gave me insight into the motivation behind his actions and the immense pressure faced by the principal. I was also allowed to voice some of the concerns that I have and share some of my frustrations as an educator at Zonnebloem NEST.

It allowed me to hear others frustrations too, and be part of the changes that we would like to see happen at Zonnebloem.
This workshop gave us all an opportunity to create dialogue and open the channels for honest sharing and exchanging of ideas.”

Heather Calmeyer, Department Head

“Thank you for an insightful, productive and well-guided 2 days. I really did not notice the time passing and was not for a moment bored. The objective of unifying us and creating a functioning team was achieved in a relevant and fun atmosphere.

I learnt more about my colleagues and what makes them tick in a neutral environment The facilitators were great at getting to the point and steering us back whenever we lost focus of the issues at hand.

Logic and common sense abounded and Bronwyn skillfully drew everyone into the process. I had a wonderful time and have extended myself as an individual and teacher as well as a self managed professional functioning in the Zonnebloem team.”

Nkosinathi Xhamle, Zonnebloem Senior School

“I was very angry after the first session. I was upset that for so long I thought that I was doing OK when I was not. I did not push myself at all. I thought that it would all just happen if I passed grade 12. To be honest I had not thought about anything much at all. Thank you that I now think a lot more and push myself more. I will not be part of the 30% group anymore.”

Masixole Mafungwa, Zonnebloem Senior School

“Bron is scary because she questions everything we say. I have not had to justify my opinions before and I like the way we all debate things that are important to us. I have seen the value in responding and not reacting to things. I am using the skills we learnt in conflict resolution in everyday situations. Thank you.

On behalf of the learners and the school, thank you for your invaluable input and service.”

Thandolwethu R, Zonnebloem Senior School

First of all I would like to express my gratitude to the organisers and the people involved in making the programme possible.

The leadership programme has had a great impact on me so far. Bron pushes us very hard and I have discovered things about myself that I wasn’t aware of before and I have learned a lot about the people I have been working with in the programme. I am now more aware of the things that are happening around me. I think I have gained some self confidence and self belief and also learned what it takes to be a good leader. She makes us question so many things that I had never even thought about. I am using my brain so much more.
Thank you.

Zizipho Hans, Zonnebloem Senior School

“The leadership programme made a huge impact on me in that I learnt a lot of things about being a leader and how to handle things as well as about myself. I am looking forward to learning more skills and to be a good leader that can change people’s lives. I can’t wait for the Friday class, I learn so much. Thank you.”

Xolani Wotsa, Zonnebloem Senior School

“The program has impacted my life by changing the way I perceive or view the way things function in society and how to face the challenges of certain life situations. I continue to learn and be challenged each Friday and look forward to the class.”

Mpumelelo Zokwe, Zonnebloem Senior School

“This leadership programme has motivated me to focus on studies and try my best to score more marks in each subject. It has changed my mind when thinking or doing something to think out of the box and think carefully. Since I have been part of this programme my manners have changed and I am more respectful. I can also handle pressure better. Bron told us that 30% is not good enough, and I am trying very hard to get to that other 70% she talks about. I will not be one of the stupid anymore. Bron has made me believe in myself. Thank you Bron.”

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