The 2 day planning workshop was very different from your average run-of-the-mill workshop as we actively participated in listing the objectives and then planning to achieve them. I really appreciated the complete honesty with which everyone contributed, with you and Clive, keeping us focused (as we have a tendency to stray off the topic!).

Our objective of forming a more transparent, unified structure where everyone felt free to discuss their feelings and concerns was achieved. I was very impressed that we came away with our “Master Plan” for 2015. The workshop reinforced our initiative to transform our school and make radical changes in terms of how things are approached and done.(YEAH!!)

I think that with the constant (and much appreciated support) of Community Cohesion we can only grow from strength to strength. The commitment and dedication shown by your special group makes me feel very confident about overcoming the challenges that lie ahead.

Thank you soo very much!