Testimonial from Cllr Roberto Quintas after the HB fire

Testimonial from Cllr Roberto Quintas after the HB fire where 16 000 people were displaced. On day two, he handed control of all Psychological support to Community Cohesion to handle.

Bronwyn Moore and your Stellar Team: I personally cannot thank you enough for the tremendous efforts you have made in mitigating some of the personal and emotional sense of grief, loss and trauma that so many of the people of our community have experienced due to this to this tragic fire.

Your over and beyond the call of duty response to this disaster has been Herculean and inspiring.

The amount of hours spent in coordinating and facilitating ongoing support and counseling, workshops and programs for women, children, men and families, both local and foreign nationals, has been invaluable in assisting them with finding courage, hope and an outlet for their pain, devastating sense of loss and grief.

Whether at your offices, at the Relief Camp or on the ground in the community: you have been a network of Angels and I salute you.

Warmest and fondest regards, with extreme thanks.

Cllr Rob Quintas